New Pre-Release: SkyTemple 1.6.0a2

Happy day!

It's time for a new alpha release for the upcoming SkyTemple 1.6. These releases help me test new features and they allow you to use these features before everyone else!

Have a look at the full changelog and download page and see the list of highlights below.

New Emulator Integeration

The highlight of the 1.6. release is going to be a completely rewritten emulator in the Script Engine Debugger. It is still based on the popular DeSmuME, but it's now integerated in a way that allow it to run fast even on lower end machines.

This release additionally fixes an issue that prevented you from saving scripts in 1.6.0a1. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues, but so far it seems pretty stable!

Monster House Spawn Weights

You can now edit the spawn weights for Pokémon in dungeon seperately for the regular spawns outside of monster houses and the spawn rates inside of monster houses. In the base game these were always the same, so we didn't know what/if the second set of spawn weights was used in the game. Now we know and you can edit them! By default the spawn weight inside of Monster Houses will automatically update to be the same as the regular spawn weight, but you can change that.

Mass-Export for Pokémon Data

SkyTemple now gives you the option to export the data of all Pokémon to XML at once. You can find this under the "Pokémon" tab.

I also plan to add a similiar feature for ExplorerScript in the debugger. That feature would allow you to decompile and export all scrripts as ExplorerScript into a directory, where you can then edit them. When you are done SkyTemple would then allow you to re-import and compile all files you changed. This would allow you to edit the scripts more easily with an external editor of your choice. But no promises that this feature will land for 1.6.!

Some minor bugfixes and improvements

We fixed some minor things and added some small improvements. For example there is now a little warning shown for Pokémon entries which can't be used inside of dungeons. We also updated some names and descriptions for move settings that were previously marked as "Unk" (unknown).

All changes from SkyTemple 1.5.2. - 1.5.4.

This new alpha release now also contains all the bugfixes and enhancement of the newest stable SkyTemple release.

That's all for today. If you want to help with development, please report any issues you encounter. Additionally, check this previous post for some GitHub issues where we need some more information to fix the issues. If you can help, that'd be great!

Have a great day!

PMDCollab Guild Mastodon hosted on

I did some checking on reported issues with SkyTemple sent via the built-in error reporting (thanks to everyone that opted-in to that!).

I need some help reproducing some of these issues. If you have a hint, let me know by mentioning, or replying to the GitHub issues:

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The SkyTemple Podcast is back! This time it's hosted by TheSmingle and is all about the hacks submitted to the recent Hack Jam. You can find the first episode here: - Three episodes are already up.

New Release: SkyTemple 1.5.4, Randomizer 1.5.4


Here's another hotfix release:

This release fixes an error when SkyTemple was trying to decompile scripts.

The reason for this error is that something in the dependency igraph changed. At the moment SkyTemple is configured to optimistaically pull in new versions of its dependencies. This has the disadvantage of breaking unrelated things even in minor bugfix releases like the last one, but has the advantage that SkyTemple doesn't stick around using ancient versions of it's dependencies for years.

In the next version I still want to define what new versions SkyTemple can pull it's dependencies from though. Sadly in this case it would not have helped, since the version jump in igraph was from version 0.10.4 to 0.10.5, so on "patch" level. I would have configured SkyTemple to pull in patches like this anyway.

For more information, see the issue about this on skytemple-files.

SkyTemple Randomizer - 1.5.4

We are aware of a regression in SkyTemple 1.5.3 that prevents users from decompiling scripts ( - we are working on fixing this and will release an update soon!

New Release: SkyTemple 1.5.3, Randomizer 1.5.3


New releases of SkyTemple and the Randomizer have been published.

The release fixes an issue with the "UnusedDungeonChance" patch. Previously it was possible for the game to crash while attempting to generate a room with mazes in it.

To update and for changelogs, see the download pages:

For more information:

SkyTemple Randomizer - 1.5.3

There's going to be a new bugfix release for SkyTemple and the Randomizer soon, however at the moment the Windows build pipeline is not working, due to issues outside of our control. As soon as it's available again, we'll try to get that update out. It'll fix issues related to crashes when applying the "UnusedDungeonChance" patch.

Hi! For updates, see the "Articles" tab above. I'll post smaller updates as notes, but in general, the "Articles" section will contain important information, such as new release announcement, etc.

New Blog

Hey readers!

You are reading the first post on - this is now the new place for new announcements for the SkyTemple project, most notably the app itself and the Randomizer.

I will announce new versions here, including pre-releases and some general updates I and other contributors are working on. And I'm always happy to hear your general feedback.

You can subscribe to this microblog via RSS or any Fediverse (eg. Mastodon account). You can also react and reply using any Fediverse account.

Thanks everyone for using SkyTemple!

Current versions

The current versions as of posting this are:

You can see the current changelogs and downloads by clicking the links.

Current beta

There's currently a beta for a new and improved emulator integeration for the debugger. If you want to help test this one out, you can find that one here. You can let me know of feedback you have by using the comments of this post, or by joining our community Discord server.

SkyTemple Randomizer - 1.5.2